MATTERHORN PROJECT - that's Stella & PJ Wassermann, loads of computers, a sampler, some synthesizers and a rather special sense of humour.

Stella & PJ had a huge hit with their first MATTERHORN PROJECT Single "MUH!". The record shot straight to number two in the swiss charts and stayed there for three weeks. The following single "YO-LOLLO-DIUH" got to number eight. Their first album MATTERHORN PROJECT reached number 26 and was the first album in Swiss history to contain two top ten hits. Since then it has become a much sought after cult object, with its pioneering mix of comedy gags, sampling effects (produced with the now legendary Fairlight IIX), spaced-out sounds and disco beats. The album also entered the South African top five and was released in Japan and most parts of Europe. "MUH!" was actually way ahead of it's time with its ironic collection of swiss clichés, such as mooing cows, alpine horns, yodelling and cow bells, all accompanied with an infectuous dance beat. That was the cornerstone of swiss ethno-pop, which has since seen many followers.

Stella & PJ had already worked as professional musicians years before "Muh!". Starting their own Space-Sound-Studio in 1980, they have been working on film soundtracks and special effects as well as producing jingles. For instance their work for pop radiostation DRS3 received the "Prix Italia" in 1991 for world best radio jingle series. Their album "Psychotron" under the name "Schaltkreis Wassermann" had already stormed the British synthesizer charts in 1983. In the past few years, Stella and PJ found time to produce other artists such as the spanish Chicano-pop group Los Chicos, DJ Syncman, DJ Tyrex and many others. They have now returned to their roots, back to the electronic sounds they started with - PJ with his psychedelic trance projekt "Eternal Bliss", Stella with her oriental influenced chillout project "Stella"

In the meantime, PJ has also built up a second source of income with software development, and Stella has trained to teach oriental dance. "It's become important for us not to be economically dependant on music alone", both say, "in music we want to do exactly what we want, and that's only possible with other financial resources. We just don't want to compromise anymore. If the music also sells well, the that's fantastic and allows us to make more music."

Despite that, there have been new releases under the MATTERHORN PROJECT name (see discography). For example the 1993 Maxi-CD "I'd Love To Be Your Tampax Now", travestising the famous telephone conversation between Prince Charles and his mistress Camilla. This record was boycotted by most radio stations and only found fame in DRS3's "Crimes on Vinyl" chart. Thanks to renewed request, "Muh!" has been re-released together with all the old album tracks and seven bonus tracks on the CD album "Muh!... and more" that is available in our online-shop now.

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