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This is the famous "MUH! ... and more" CD album that contains all the tracks from the original hit album of 1985 plus seven bonus tracks. See the tracklist below.

Get yourself some fun! Or make it a gift to your family or friends. But be aware that your children will play this CD for days without end...
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Tracklist: MUH!...and more
Click on one of the titles to listen to the music.

01 MUH! (single of 1985)
02 Yo-Lollo-Diuh
03 Tell (from the Rossini Opera)
04 The Ballad of the Alpine Horns
05 The Gnomes of Zurich
06 Animal Farm
07 I Know I'm Crazy
08 High in the Mountains
09 MUH! (remix of 1994)
10 Miaow
11 Chilbi-Time (the infamous MattPro version of the famous 'Steiner Chilbi')
12 I'd Love to Be Your Tampax Now (Charlie and Camilla have a royal talk)
13 So ein Scheiss (to be downloaded for free, see above)
14 Rootchannel Blues (a love song to our dentist...)
15 Alti Bäbeli Techno (the infamous MattPro version of the Basel Carneval)

What other record than "MUH!" ever combined cows singing, bells tingling, yodelling and alpine horns, all supported by an infectious eigthies disco-beat and a slightly spaced-out sense of humour? The track stormed the Swiss and international charts in 1985 and got known and loved for its sense of comedy. Some people have been searching for this record for ten years but now it's back again for you.
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