The complete discography of Matterhorn Project

Well, more or less complete.

Newest ones are on top, so you might want to start at the bottom to get them in chronological order.


EP, 2018 ragga remix of YO-LOLLO-DIUH

The YOLLO EP was released for streaming and download at the beginning of November 2018. It contains the “YOLLO Ragga Remix”, which PJ Wassermann produced together with DJ Jimmy Tschudin. The second track on the EP is the 2018 remake of Yo-Lollo-Diuh, which stays pretty close to the original and focuses on a current sound. Additionally there is a new chilly yodeling song called “Alpine Sunrise”.

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Translated with

Cover of Moo! by Matterhorn Project


EP, 2007 remake of MUH! plus dance remix

Swiss TV did a big show “The Greatest Swiss Hits” in 2007 and invited Matterhorn Project to participate. Reason enough to create a new version of “MUH!” and a very danceable one. While the original rhythmically was set in 8th triplets, this new one is a straight dance groove.

The second track is the Swiss chalet dance remix that we did together with the late DJ Tony White.

This EP is available as a CD at and on all streaming and download platforms.

MUH!…and more

CD album with bonus tracks

In 2002 we released the “MUH! … and more” CD that contains all the tracks from the famous original hit album of 1985 plus the seven bonus tracks that you can see below.

01 MUH! (single of 1985)
02 Yo-Lollo-Diuh (the other single of 1985)
03 Tell (from the Rossini Opera)
04 The Ballad of the Alpine Horns
05 The Gnomes of Zurich
06 Animal Farm
07 I Know I’m Crazy
08 High in the Mountains
09 MUH! (remix of 1994)
10 Miaow
11 Chilbi-Time (the infamous MattPro version of the famous ‘Steiner Chilbi’)
12 I’d Love to Be Your Tampax Now (Charlie and Camilla have a royal talk)
13 So ein Scheiss (somebody gets real angry plus all knids of silly stuff)
14 Rootchannel Blues (a love song to our dentist…)
15 Alti Bäbeli Techno (the infamous MattPro version of the Basel Carneval)

MOOH! EP 1994

In 1994 ZYX Music of Germany wanted a technoid update of “MUH!”. We did it and a trance remix, too. This EP currently isn’t available on streaming platforms but will be soon.

Alti Bäbeli Tekno

The “Alti Bäbeli Tekno” was produced only for the world famous Basel carneval called “Fasnacht”. This maxi CD has a technoid potpourri of the most popular Fasnacht melodies and was blasted from the Alti Bäbeli-Clique waggon during the three day event.

I’d Love To Be Your Tampax Now

Comedy-Pop yet again. This time it’s Prince Charles’ turn, making fun of his unfortunate telephone conversation with Camilla.

Several English labels showed interest in the track but refused after consulting their lawyers. The problem wasn’t only the respectless treatment of the royal family but the use of the brand name Tampax…


The first single taken from the “Tek*Novelty” album. “Chilbi-Time” is the Matterhorn version of the classic Swiss folk song “Steiner Chilbi”.


The third album “Tek*Novelty” is a wild rollercoaster ride with technoid elements, the usual Mattpro silliness and real pop and dance.

The album seems to have been a hit on the russian black market as a pirated copy.


Stella and PJ continue to provoke with their single “Sex”. Stella makes a pregnant apperance in the music video, which results in a broadcasting ban on Swiss television. By the way this single “Sex” was released before George Michael’s song with the same name. Copycats everywhere…

Love in Space

In 1986 Stella und PJ attempt a stylistic expansion in the Space-Pop genre. “Love in Space” is a  beautiful song but the Matterhorn Project audience would prefer to have more cows and funny stuff.

Actually Stella & PJ intended to release the song under the band name of “Stella & the Chips” but the record company insists on Matterhorn Project which clearly was a completely wrong decision.

Trigger U

The single “Trigger U” is dance and electronic pop. The audience would still prefer more cows….

In addition the album “Dancing to the Beat of Life” with more or less the same cover is released.

Matterhorn Project first album – as a CD

Later the first album got released as a CD with this cover. It’s not available anymore.

Matterhorn Project first album – original vinyl

Also in 1985: The first album from MattPro – full of twisted humour, electronic effects and swiss artefacts.
– MUH!
– Yo-Lollo-Diuh
– Tell
– The Ballad of the Alpine Horns
– The Gnomes of Zurich
– I Know I’m Crazy
– Animal Farm
– High in the Mountains

This album also reached the Swiss charts (26) and was released in different countries.


The second hit single from Matterhorn Project called “Yo-Lollo-Diuh” made it to number 8 spot in the Swiss charts. It combined traditional yodelling with Stella’s unmistakeable singing and mattPro-like Electro-Pop. Releases in Germany and Austria, too.

MUH! – UK version

And this is how it looked in the UK.


Japanese version

The South African version also hit the top ten charts, reaching the number 5 spot.

MUH! – South-African version

The South African version also hit the top ten charts, reaching the number 5 spot.


MUH! – the original

The original hit-single of 1985 and also the first release from Matterhorn Project. The single was was a hit straight away and stayed at number two in the Swiss charts for three weeks.
Matterhorn Project founded swiss ethno-pop with “Muh!”, which later inspired other artists.

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