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The YOLLO EP is out now worldwide for streaming and download.

„Yo-Lollo-Diuh“ in 1985 was a top ten hit in Switzerland. The song focused on Heidi Blum’s yodeling who had  already contributed a short but very popular yodel to „MUH!“. It also featured Stella Wassermann’s vocals, and the interplay of the two opposing voices is what makes this song so special.

Now PJ Wassermann has created two new versions of the 1985 hit . The first one is the “YOLLO Ragga Remix” that he produced together with DJ Jimmy Tschudin. It stands out quite radically from the original and is much slower, too. The 2018 remake of Yo-Lollo-Diuh, on the other hand, stays close to the original and concentrates on an up-to-date sound.

Additionally on the EP there is a new, chilly song called “Alpine Sunrise“ that again highlights the yodeling talent of Heidi Blum. Last track on the “YOLLO” EP that has been released worldwide for download and streaming on November 9, 2018 is the original version of “Yo-Lollo-Diuh”.

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